Can I Vape in the Non-Smoking Hotel Room?

Because you no longer want to put your health in danger, you switched from smoking to vaping. It doesn’t mean, however, that there are no more risks involved.

Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can vape anywhere you like, such as in non-smoking areas or establishments even though, technically, vaping is not smoking.

However, a lot of e-cigarette users are vaping where smoking is prohibited, such as in restaurants and shopping malls. And now you may be wondering if it is perfectly fine for you to vape in a non-smoking hotel room.

So, can I vape in a non-smoking hotel room?

Because most hotels established their policies on smoking before vaping came into being, a lot of them do not mention vaping. However, many front desks confirm that vaping is not allowed in non-smoking hotel rooms. Contrary to popular belief, sometimes vaping may set off smoke detectors.

Vaping may lower your risk of suffering from lung cancer, emphysema, diabetes, heart disease, and many other serious health problems linked to smoking alright.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no more risks involved. Also, it doesn’t mean right away that you can use your e-cigarette anywhere, including non-smoking areas.

Read on to know why it might be a good idea to go for a smoking hotel room if you are someone who vapes to avoid any problems, such as being charged by the hotel.

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Vapor May Set Off Some of Today’s Sensitive Smoke Alarms

If you search online whether vapers are vaping in non-smoking hotel rooms or not, you will come across many who say that they are able to do so without being caught by the hotel staff and being charged, too. Sadly, not all hotel guests can get away with vaping inside non-smoking hotel rooms.

Although many hotels’ policies on smoking do not mention vaping, some hotels have already sprung into action to keep their guests from vaping in rooms where smoking is not allowed.

Such is through the installation of smoke alarms that rely on more modern technologies than traditional smoke alarms.

One example is what’s referred to as an optical alarm. Just like what the name says, this smoke alarm has eyes that come in the form of laser. When vapor breaks the beam of laser that this alarm emits, it will go off.

Soon enough, a hotel staff member will be knocking on your hotel room door. And upon checking out, you may be charged for it.

An ionization alarm is another smoke alarm that can go off when vapor is present. It works by having a pair of plates, flowing in between which is a current of ionized air. When vapor gets in between the plates, the current of ionized air gets broken, causing an ionization alarm to go off.

Besides, just because you don’t light up an e-cigarette doesn’t mean that it is no longer a fire hazard. Because the device has a rechargeable battery, which may explode, the device may still cause fires.

While it is true that the vapor produced by e-cigarettes does not cause lingering smell like the smoke produced by cigarette sticks, some of the hotel guests may not like it, which could keep them from coming back to the same hotel.

Although a vaper is blowing nothing but flavored and scented water vapor, some people may find it disgusting and unhealthy, too, to inhale something that came out of the lungs and mouth of a complete stranger.

Strategies for Vaping in a Non-Smoking Hotel Room

First things first: even though the various strategies below for vaping in a non-smoking hotel room work, it is still not a good idea to use your e-cigarette in the hotel room if the establishment does not allow it.

Whether or not you will give them a try is completely up to you. However, you should be willing to face the consequences if the hotel suspects that you vaped in a non-smoking hotel room.

Usually, one consequence comes in the form of some kind of cleaning fee, which can cost anywhere from $200 to $300.

Needless to say, follow these strategies for vaping in a non-smoking hotel room below at your own risk!

  • Book a hotel room with a balcony. While this will definitely keep the smoke alarm from going off, there are a couple of problems with this strategy. First, a member of the hotel staff may spot you, or another hotel guest may report you. Second, a hotel room with balcony costs more than a hotel room without a balcony.
  • Direct the vapor toward the air conditioning vent. The goal is to make sure that the smell of the vapor will not fill the room and that the vapor itself will not set off the smoke alarm. If you are with someone who does not vape, he or she will surely appreciate your following this strategy.
  • Open the hotel room window. Consider yourself fortunate if your non-smoking hotel room has a window that can be opened. Even if it cannot be opened all the way, blowing the vapor out the window can help save the hotel room from smelling (even if the vapor smells delightful) and the smoke alarm from going off.
  • Do it in the bathroom. Other than doing a number one or two, you may also vape in the bathroom of your non-smoking hotel room. To make sure that no vapor will set off the smoke alarm, close the bathroom door and place a wet towel under it. Don’t forget to turn on the air vent and blow the vapor toward it.

Again, try the strategies mentioned above at your own risk. We are not saying that these are foolproof ways to vape in a non-smoking hotel room.

At times they may work completely, but other times they may lead to your being charged by the hotel. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you!

Just Before You Vape in the Non-Smoking Hotel Room

Technically speaking, vaping is not smoking. It doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that it is something that a hotel guest may carry out freely in a non-smoking hotel room.

Even though it is true that most hotels’ policies on smoking do not mention vaping, many of them allow vaping in designated smoking areas only.

If you do not want any run-ins with any member of the hotel staff that could end up in your being charged with some kind of cleaning fee, it is a good idea to ask the front desk if vaping is fine in a non-smoking hotel room.

Even though a hotel is smoke-free, which means that it is prohibited to smoke inside the premises of the establishment, the chances are that there will still be a designated smoking area for smoking or vaping guests.

Even if there is none, you may simply step foot outside and look for a place where you can vape. This is the safest way to get your dose of vape without potentially ending up being charged anywhere from $200 to $300 by the hotel.

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Is it allowed to smoke or vape on a hotel balcony?

If the hotel is smoke-free, smoking or vaping on the hotel balcony is not allowed. However, it is perfectly fine to do so in designated smoking areas.

Are there countries where vaping is banned?

More than 40 countries have some form of ban on vaping, either the use or sales of e-cigarettes or both. Before traveling, it is a good idea for one to research beforehand.

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