Do Hotels Charge for Bedwetting?

Bedwetting is an inconvenient matter. It can happen to anyone, especially young kids and seniors. Even able-bodied adults can go through it, such as those who are suffering from certain medical conditions.

Bedwetting is an issue that can become even more problematic if it takes place in a hotel room. When this happens, there are so many complications involved.

They include the embarrassment of reporting the incident to the front desk or calling housekeeping, and also potentially shelling out money if the hotel charges the customer.

So, do hotels charge for bedwetting?

Whether you will be charged or not will depend on certain factors, such as the severity of the wetting and how soon it was reported. Family- and pet-friendly hotels are less likely to charge for bedwetting as the management knows very well that bedwetting is quite common in kids and pets.

Continue reading if wetting the bed during your stay at a hotel is a concern because you are traveling with your kids or your pets, or you tend to pee in bed from time to time because you have a medical condition or any other reason.

Below we will talk more about bedwetting in a hotel and the various problems associated with it, such as paying for the damage resulting from the incident.

Bedwetting Can be Due to Various Things

Let us first put our attention on bedwetting before we dive deeper to get to know the complications it comes with most especially if it happens in a hotel room. After all, it’s the reason why traveling and staying in a hotel can leave you feeling anxious, as well as feeling embarrassed and potentially shouldering the cost of cleaning and disinfecting.

Everyone knows that children are at risk of wetting their beds. Health experts say that little boys and girls aged 3 and 5 years old are prone to bedwetting, or that those in the medical community call nocturnal enuresis.

More often than not, bedwetting in children can be because of stress, such as due to moving to a new home or the birth of a sibling. There are also times in which it is due to a medical condition.

Take note that children are not the only ones who could wet their beds. Did you know that about 2% of adults suffer from bedwetting, which is what the medical community call adult-onset secondary enuresis?

It can be due to all kinds of things, ranging from too much stress, constipation, UTI, incontinence, enlarged prostate to diabetes.

Different Hotels React Differently to the Issue

Just like what we mentioned earlier, whether or not you will be charged for bedwetting will depend on some factors. One of them is the severity of the wetting. There is no problem when it is just a few drops of urine on the bed sheet or mattress.

However, it is a different matter if it involves a lot of pee. It can be difficult to deal with a urine-soaked mattress. If the problem also affects the box spring, then the housekeeping will surely have a hard time.

It’s no secret that urine has a characteristic smell, and getting rid of it is no joke. The culprit behind it is urea and other waste products from the body.

Failure of the housekeeping to remove the smell after bedwetting could cause the hotel to get bad reviews on the web, and most likely lose a lot of customers and profits.

This is why no one can blame hotels for charging customers wetting the beds with pee. It is possible for them to ask for a huge sum of money, especially if the culprit failed to report the issue as soon as possible so that the housekeeping could spring into action right away.

At times it may lead to a lawsuit, such as what happened back in 2007 in Telluride, Colorado, USA — a hotel took a female customer to court to ask her to pay $1,700 for not reporting to the management a nasty bedwetting incident involving her 22-year-old son.

Some Hotels May Not Charge You at All

However, it does not mean that if you wet the hotel bed, you will surely pay for it. Especially if the bedwetting is just a minor one, there is a possibility that the hotel will simply let it go. As a matter of fact, most hotels are ready for such an incident.

For instance, when the management of The Park Lane Hilton, which is a luxury hotel in London, was contacted by a writer to ask about its stand on bedwetting, the management said that it’s just okay.

Staying at a family-friendly hotel is a great idea if someone in the family is prone to wetting the bed. That’s because you can go to the front desk and ask for a mattress protector or disposable bed sheet.

Especially if the management knows that you did your part, you are less likely to shoulder additional fees when someone pees in bed.

Are you traveling with a pet? Then see to it that you stay at a pet-friendly hotel. If your pet pees in bed, it is not a major cause for alarm because the housekeeping is skilled as well as experienced when it comes to dealing with pet pee in bed.

However, it is a completely different matter if you try to sneak in your furry pal in a hotel that doesn’t allow pets — you should be ready for the consequences if your pet urinates in bed.

Be Considerate of the Hotel and Do Your Share

If you know for a fact that someone in the family or you yourself is prone to bedwetting, it is a good idea for you to make sure that you are ready for it. With the right tools, you can prevent much bigger problems should the hotel bed end up soaking in pee.

One of the simplest ways to fend off problems associated with bedwetting in a hotel is bringing with you Peelaways or any other brand of disposable bed sheets that double as a waterproof mattress protector.

PEELAWAYS Disposable Sheets Mattress Protector

These days, you can also p a pad specifically made for a bedwetting individual — you can insert it under the bedsheet before someone who tends to urinate at night hop into the hotel bed. Of course, you may also opt for disposable diapers that are available not only for kids but also for adults.

Even if the hotel is pet-friendly, you should still do your share in protecting the bed from the smelly pee of your pet. If you are traveling with your dog, for example, consider putting a diaper or belly band on it.

Don’t forget to bring with you a bottle of pet odor cleaner and disinfectant in case of an accident. Remember to inform the front desk or housekeeping as soon as your furry pal pees in bed so that they may take the necessary actions.

Just Before You Head to the Hotel of Your Choice

Bedwetting can be embarrassing on your part. The hotel management, on the other hand, may suffer from a massive headache. This is especially true if the incident is severe.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to confess the bedwetting issue to the front desk or housekeeping. If you are aware of the fact that bedwetting may take place, make sure that you pack with you some necessary tools, such as those that can protect the bed from urine.

Related Questions

Do hotels charge for stained bedsheets?

Yes, most hotels will charge you for staining their sheets, except if the stain is blood as removing it is easy with the right stain-removing product.

Is there a way to cover up the smell of urine?

If the bedwetting incident is a minor one, you may try dealing with the smell of pee by absorbing as much of it as possible with a paper towel and then spraying the spot with perfume, rubbing alcohol, or air freshener.

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