Do Hotels Charge for an Extra Person in Your Room?

Especially if the hotel room is large and beautiful, it can be a misfortune to spend time in it alone. It can also cause the budget-conscious in you to feel like you are not getting your money’s worth for not sharing the room with someone else.

This is why you may be tempted to bring an extra person with you even if you book for one. However, this may leave you wondering if you will be charged extra by the hotel for sharing the room with somebody.

So, do hotels charge for an extra person? 

In most luxury hotels in the US and many parts of the world, room rates are based on double occupancy. Usually, these hotels do not mind their guests sharing their rooms with another person as they issue two key cards. Some hotels, however, may charge their guests for bringing an extra person.

When traveling on a budget, doing your best to avoid additional fees is of utmost importance. Because of this, you may find it a good money-saving strategy to get a hotel room and share it with someone.

Since most hotels nowadays will charge you according to a double occupancy rate, it is a wise move to make the most out of the money that you pull out of your pocket by allowing another person to benefit from the paid accommodation.

See If the Hotel Charges per Room or Person

Most hotels of today charge their guests per room rather than per person. Usually, too, the rate per room is based on double occupancy. As the name suggests, the price tag of the room is good for two people.

This is why, most of the time, hotels do not mind their guests bringing an extra person with them. Such is because their guests are paying for two people anyway, which means that the hotels need not shell out additional money to provide that extra person with amenities.

For instance, it is not unlikely for you to find a couple of sets of towels, bathrobes, or slippers in your room, even though you checked in alone.

Because many hotels these days charge their guests based on a double occupancy rate, you might want to inform your hotel that you are alone and not planning to invite another person to spend the night with you if you want to save some money.

However, especially in many 5-star hotels, the difference between a single occupancy rate and a double occupancy rate is not that significant.

Some hotels charge per person rather than per room. More often than not, these are small hotels whose rooms and beds are too small to accommodate two people at the same time.

This is usually the case in capsule hotels in Japan, or what other people elsewhere on the planet refer to as pod hotels.

Here’s a Great Option: Stay in a Guest-Friendly Hotel

As always, there are exceptions to the rule. Some hotels may charge per room, which can make it seem like having an extra person with the guests is perfectly fine.

However, upon checking out, they may be asked to pay additional fees for allowing non-registered guests to spend the night in their rooms.

Such a problem can be avoided by asking the front desk about the hotel’s stance on a guest bringing an extra person. If the hotel doesn’t mind, then it is perfectly fine to have someone in your room even if you are paying for one.

However, there is a surefire way of steering clear of being charged extra for sharing the room with another.

It is by booking in a guest-friendly hotel. As the name suggests, this is a type of hotel in which a guest may bring another person with him or her to the room without incurring additional charges.

These hotels will let you bring another person with you to your room without any questions asked. However, they might ask for your company to leave an ID at the front desk.

Usually, this is for your safety. Just in case you lose possession or something untoward happens to you, they will have an idea of who to report to the authorities.

Before you get a room at one of those guest-friendly hotels, there is something that you should know about them first. Sometimes, they are referred to as girl-friendly hotels.

That’s because they are quite common in places where there are many party places, and tourists usually spend the night with the locals. However, if you want to stay within your budget, this is a fact that you may try to overlook.

Tips on Lowering Your Risk of Being Charged Extra

A lot of hotels find it perfectly fine for you to share the room with another, including one whose rate is based on double occupancy, with no additional fees.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you are not at risk of being charged extra. If your guest is causing the hotel to spend more on amenities and utilities, too, your bill can be higher than expected upon checking out.

For instance, if he or she is spending a lot of time in the spa or at the free buffet, additional charges may show up.

Here are some tips on encountering problems for bringing an extra person with you:

  • Avoid making a lot of noise. If some of the guests complain of noise coming from your room, the hotel has the right to ask your guest to leave and even charge you for it.
  • Behave properly. The hotel is likely to ask you to pay for any damaged properties due to your guest’s carelessness or rowdy behavior. He or she may be kicked out, too.
  • Make do with the available amenities. The hotel can take the necessary steps if your guest demands all sorts of items and services, most of which don’t come for free.
  • Stay in the room. As much as possible, make sure that your guest spends most of his or her time inside the room as loitering may grab a hotel staff’s attention.
  • Do not have more than one guest. The more people you share the room with, the higher the chances of the hotel to charge you extra. Avoid having a party in your room.

Just Before You Let Another Person Stay in Your Room 

It’s true that most of today’s hotels, including especially luxury ones, will charge you per room rather than per person.

This means that many of them do not mind if you choose to spend the night with another person in your room.

But still, it is a case to case basis. One hotel may find it okay for their guests to bring an extra person with them, while the other may see this as an opportunity to charge additional fees.

However, just to be sure, consider asking the front desk if it’s perfectly fine to have a guest. The chances are that the friendly person you are talking to will say that it’s okay, especially if the hotel is not a cheap one.

Related Questions

Why do hotels ask for the number of people who will stay in the room? 

One of the reasons is to have the rate adjusted accordingly to keep hotels from spending money on amenities and utilities more than they should. Another reason is to know how many people the authorities should be looking for in case of emergencies.

Can my guest sleep in the hotel lobby to avoid being charged extra?

Hotels do not allow people to sleep in the lobby as it is bad for their image. However, some hotels may allow guests to wait for their rides or drunken guests who cannot go to their rooms to take some shut-eye in the lobby.

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