Do Hotels Charge for Stained Towels?

Hotel towels are some of the most abused amenities there are. If they are not stolen by the guests, they are left stained. Different types of stains could mar the appearance of towels, and there are different ways to get rid of them.

However, some stains are difficult or impossible to remove. No matter the case, most guests feel awful staining towels for making a bad impression, and for fearing that they will be charged for it.

So, do hotels charge for stained towels? 

The large hotel chains never charge for stained towels. They shoulder the cost of removing stains from towels. Sometimes, they throw away or donate stained towels that can no longer be made entirely free of stain. However, smaller hotels may charge, especially if the stains won’t come off.

Some stains are easy to remove. Some are impossible to remove. Either way, there is no need to suffer from a panic attack due to feeling guilty or worrying that you will have to pay for staining a towel.

That’s because the hotel will take care of it, usually as soon as you ask for a new towel or check out. But then again, the scenario may be different if you are a guest in a small hotel. The problem may appear on your bill and leave a small dent in your wallet.

Keep on reading to know a few more important matters regarding staining towels outside your home.

Here’s Why Hotels Like Providing White Towels

Seeing towels of any other color than white in a hotel is very rare. The majority of hotels provide their guests with white towels. White is not the only color that they prefer their towels to have but also their beddings.

The reason for this is that it makes the room look clean and fresh. It also gives the impression of luxury.

Unfortunately, anything that is white can easily end up stained. This is especially true for towels that are used for drying the body and sometimes cleaning various surfaces, too.

If you think that hotels could save a lot of money on professional cleaning by providing their guests with dark-colored towels, think again. The fact is that hotels can save themselves from spending too much by sticking to white towels.

One of the reasons for such is that they can easily bleach white towels without having to worry about discoloration. In other words, white towels are the easiest to remove stains from even if they are the easiest to end up stained.

This is true even if blood is the culprit. Not a lot of people are aware that blood can be removed trouble-free from towels with the use of hydrogen peroxide and cold water.

Another reason exists why the use of white towels is, in fact, a cost-effective strategy for hotels.

It’s none other than it can help save water and detergent costs as they can throw white towels in the same washing machine without worrying about unwanted coloration. It’s for the same reason why whites and coloreds are separated when laundering them.

Most Vacation Rental Owners Have the Same Opinion

White towels are not only found inside hotel rooms. They are also usually present in vacation rentals. It can be embarrassing for a guest to stain the provided white towels.

Such is especially true as staying there is a more personal experience than staying in a hotel. One is literally staying in someone’s home.

Most vacation rental owners, however, do not charge their guests for stained towels. They know that towels, as well as bedding, are prone to ending up stained. This is why they simply prepare themselves for the worst.

However, it is a different matter completely if the stain is due to an activity that is against the house rules. One common house rule that some guests usually break is not partying inside the house or room.

Many of them use towels for cleaning up spilled drinks. An example is a red wine, which can be more difficult to remove the longer it has been there.

If such is the case, some vacation rental owners charge their guests for it by claiming the security deposit.

However, some owners may simply ask their guests to immediately report accidents involving the use of towels so that the necessary stain-removing steps may be carried out right away.

As a regular vacation rental renter, it is a good idea to do your best to avoid staining the provided towels. Keeping them stain-free can save you from getting a low rating from the vacation rental owner.

Besides, it is the right thing to do, especially if the vacation rental owner is treating you in the nicest way possible. You don’t want to part ways feeling like you broke his or her heart with a nasty stain that he or she will have to try to remove all day long.

What You Should Do in Case the Inevitable Strikes

Many things could run through your mind in case you stained a towel while in a hotel. Some of the worst examples include stashing it under the bed or taking it home to dispose of the evidence.

However, there is one thing that is proven to cause the least issues in case a towel is stained. It’s none other than owning up to it.

Hotels are fully aware of the fact that towels are stain magnets. Such is especially true for white ones, which is what the majority of hotels provide. This is why they are no longer surprised to come across stained towels.

There is no need to feel embarrassed about owning up to staining a towel. As soon as you notice the mishap, report the problem to the management, and ask for a fresh towel.

It is also definitely a nice gesture to apologize to the housekeeping staff that will pick up the stained towel and hands you the new one.

If you want to keep the problem to a minimum, you may try rinsing the problematic area with cold water to remove as much of the stain as possible. A little laundry detergent or soap provided by the hotel may be used, too.

Never attempt to bleach the towel, especially if it comes in color other than white. That’s because it will only make the matter worse instead of keeping it to a minimum.

Keep in mind that you are not obliged to remove any stain from a towel. However, it is definitely a good idea to keep it from being stained in the first place. But there is no need to fret in case an accident happens.

Just Before You Use That White Towel

Refrain from freaking out if you accidentally stained your towel while staying in a hotel. Especially if you are a guest in an established hotel, it is unlikely that you will be charged for it.

Big hotels have enough money to have stains from towels professionally removed. If the stains don’t come off, established hotels will either throw the stained towels away or donate them, depending on the severity of the problem.

However, it may be a completely different story if you are a guest in a small hotel. To have an idea of what could happen if you accidentally stained a towel, read the hotel policies, or ask any of the hotel staff.

Whether you are staying in a hotel or a vacation rental, it is a good idea to avoid staining the towels provided. This is true most especially if you want to leave a nice impression to the management or owner.

Try your best to treat a hotel towel like it is your own, which can save you from feeling guilty and potentially being charged extra.

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