Can I Have a Guest in My Hotel Room?

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, spending time alone in a hotel room can be boring or depressing.

This is why it can be enticing to invite someone to share the room with, such as a family member or a friend residing in the area, or a person that you clicked with at the bar or café.

However, there is one thing that could be keeping you from opening your hotel room door to a guest, and that is whether the establishment will allow it or not.

So, can I have a guest in my hotel room? 

In the US, most hotels do not prohibit guests from having visitors. However, hotel policies regarding this matter tend to differ from establishment to establishment as well as country to country. To be certain, it is a good idea to ask the front desk about it.

Bringing a guest in the hotel room is done for a variety of reasons. Some common examples include saving money and having a romantic time.

No matter the case, it is important to abide by the hotel’s rules that you are staying in when it comes to having visitors.

This can help save you from embarrassing situations, such as being asked to meet the authorities at the lobby (in some countries or hotels, bringing a guest is illegal) or being charged extra.

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Leaving an ID is Sometimes All That’s Needed

Again, most hotels do not mind their guests having visitors. This is especially true for those that charge per room instead of per person.

The worst thing that could happen if the front desk sees that you have entered the premises with a guest is that the individual you are with will be asked to leave an ID, usually to check that he or she isn’t a minor.

If you want to avoid any form of dispute with the hotel that you are staying in, consider informing the front desk that you have a visitor.

It is unlikely for you to be charged extra for doing so. In some cases, however, your visitor is permitted to stay in your room until a specific time only.

However, you may incur additional fees if your guest uses amenities or facilities, and it costs the hotel the extra money.

To save yourself from paying extra, it is a good idea to keep your visitor from using the gym or spa, asking for an additional towel, or overeating at the free breakfast buffet.

Are you wondering if I can have one guest, then can I have visitors in a hotel room?

Well, it is also likely for the hotel to charge you extra if you bring an entire squad with you to your hotel room.

Even if you instruct your guests to sneak in the establishment one by one, the hotel will surely find out about it sooner or later. Such is through security cameras practically everywhere.

Most likely, you will be asked to pay for a bigger room that can accommodate everyone.

Such is Not Allowed in Certain Hotels

There are different reasons why some hotels forbid their guests from having visitors. One of them is to avoid getting lawsuits for breaking fire codes.

To help prevent additional problems in case a fire breaks out, hotels have to limit the number of people that can stay in a room or the building at a given time.

They have no choice but to do this in accordance with the law. Otherwise, they may lose their permits to operate on top of getting costly lawsuits.

Some hotels have no choice but to turn away the visitors of their guests. This is especially true in the case of capsule hotels, which were developed in Japan.

Sometimes referred to as pod hotels in other countries, capsule hotels provide bed-sized rooms perfect for the pockets of those who are traveling on a tight budget.

Especially if you are staying in a single-gender hotel, such as exclusive for female guests, the hotel may forbid you from bringing a male guest because it is the policy and to keep the other guests from complaining.

In a nutshell, different hotels have different policies when it comes to their guests having visitors. In many cases, they do not inform their guests about their rules regarding this matter unless they ask about it.

Whether it is a part of your itinerary to have a guest in your hotel room or you know that there is a chance that you might meet a stranger that you would like to invite over, it is a good idea to check with the front desk beforehand.

Keeping the Guest and Others Out of Harm’s Way

Most people think that the reason why some hotels refuse visitors is that these establishments want to save money. While there is some truth to this, it is for their guests’ safety in some situations.

Earlier, we mentioned that some countries mandate hotels to abide by fire codes by limiting the number of people that can stay in a room at once.

This is for the benefit of everyone staying at hotels to make sure that they can evacuate through the fire exits without trouble.

Also, it will allow the authorities to know how many bodies they should be looking for in case the fire had caused casualties.

Perhaps you have already heard or read about stories in which workers of certain professions drug their customers to steal from them. Well, this is one of the reasons why some hotels are given the right to turn them away. Again, it is for the safety of their guests.

Also, your visitor may be kicked out by the hotel if the other guests complain about some noise or rowdy behavior.

The same is true if your guest causes damage to the hotel’s property, which is likely to be charged to you. In some instances, it is not only for your own good but also for your wallet’s benefit.

Just Before You Welcome Someone Into Your Room

If the hotel is charging per room, it is perfectly fine to have a guest. However, it is a different story if the establishment is charging per person. Most likely, you will be charged extra by the hotel for having a visitor in your room.

To avoid problems, especially one that involves your pocket, it is a good idea to ask the front desk about the hotel’s policy when it comes to their guests bringing their own guests.

If the hotel does not permit having visitors, avoid making a scene or giving the establishment a bad review on the internet. That’s because it is for your safety as well as the safety and satisfaction of the rest of the guests.

Just in case the hotel does not allow its guests to have visitors because it is simply doing its job, you should also do your job as a courteous guest that the establishment will gladly welcome again and again.

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