Which Is A Better: Neck Wallet Or Money Belt?

When safekeeping your cash, cards, passport, and keys while on a trip, a money belt, and neck wallet are the two most common things used in securing your valuables.

However, there is some minor debate about these two about who is more convenient and provides more security when traveling. Therefore, later on, we will have an in-depth discussion about the neck wallet and money belt for you to choose, which is more suitable for your needs.

Generally, a money belt is a preferred choice of carrying valuables because money belts are more difficult to steal and damage, unlike a neck wallet that can be easily stolen when its chain is cut. However, both of these items are amazing when it comes to securing your valuables.

Everybody has their own opinion on which between these two items to rely on when going on trips. Some may prefer using neck wallets, while others love to wear money belts.

Well, safety and convenience matter the most; therefore, let us jump right in reviewing differences between the two.

What Is A Neck Wallet

Just like the popular money belts, neck wallets are also used to hold your belongings such as cash, cards, and some important documents. However, these wallets are way smaller and flatter than money belts.

In addition, these wallets are made from leather and other clothing materials and come with straps and chains that allow you to hand it around your neck.

The chain or the lanyard must be made from durable materials to avoid it from snapping easily. The wallet may have different compartments to keep your things organize and to access items easily.

It is worn underneath your clothes to keep out of the sight of pickpockets. For sure, people who love neck chains will love neck wallets than money belts.

However, the major downside of these neck wallets is that once you have storage too much stuff inside the bag, it will become heavier and can put a strain on your neck, if worn for a longer period of time.

So, listed below are the pros and cons of using neck wallets.


  • It can store more stuff than money belts
  • It can be worn underneath your clothes without being obviously noticed
  • Stuff can be more easily accessible than money belts


  • They tend to be bulky once you add more stuff
  • It can cause neck strain and injury when worn for a longer period of time
  • It has a higher chance of being stolen (through cutting the chain)

What Is A Money Belt

As from the previous post about money belts, you have already learned what money belts and some of the best money belts for women are.

However, I still want you to give and short and direct description of this. Well, a money belt is a small pouch with multiple pockets and then wrap around your waist with a strap.

Just like neck wallets, money belts can be discreetly worn underneath your shirt or through your trousers to keep it out of the sight of snatchers.

There is a variety of styles available for money belts; some come with a single large compartment for storing a passport, coins, smartphone, and other valuables.

However, for this style, it is not neatly organized, and picking up of things may be time-consuming. Other styles of money belt come with a single pouch with multiple compartments so that you can designate what each compartment should store.

Nowadays, these money belts are perfect for people who want to wear something around their waist that is not obvious. Make sure to wear it always underneath so that it will not catch the attention of pickpockets.

Here are the pros and cons of money belts that are worthy of taking down note:


  • It can be worn comfortably just like a regular belt
  • It may be hard to steal or damage
  • It can be worn underneath the clothes or through your trouser


  • You can just carry limited items, especially those running belts
  • Items cannot be easily access

Neck Wallets Vs. Money Belts

To compare further neck wallets and money belts (so that you can decide which is better between these two), here are some criteria we must consider:


Would you prefer something worn on your neck or on your waist? Well, when we talked about comfort level, each of us has its own preference, whether something is comfortable enough or not.

Between these two items, I find money belts more comfortable than neck wallets.

Why? Well, this is because the major downside of neck wallets is that neck wallets can cause neck strain once it became heavier and bulkier.

I would prefer carrying heavy loads around my waist since you will not be able to feel the load, or as if you just feel like carrying weights around, right?

Another thing why money belts are more comfortable is that once you got sweaty, they will not be soaked up in your body, compared to neck wallets wherein it can absorb all the sweat since it is advisable to wear underneath your clothes.

Lastly, I find it odd that something is moving side-by-side (around my neck down to my body) when I walk fast or run since neck wallets are worn by hanging around your neck. Therefore, this is BIG NO, NO for me.

Winner: Money belts


Neck wallets are not convenient to wear around if they contain a lot of stuff that may dangle and hit you, especially when doing some physical activities.

However, you may find it convenient if you always want to access your things since it is just hung around your neck.

For example, if you were paying something, it would be time-consuming and a bit embarrassing to pull out money from money belts since they are so discreet that you find it hard to get your thing.

Unlike a neck wallet, where you can easily grab your things inside without being too much obvious. 

Another thing you must consider is the materials they are made from. For a money belt to become convenient, make sure to choose with belts with an adjustable strap so that it will fit any body type, or you may go with those elastic belts. 

As for the neck wallets, the chain or the lanyard must be made from durable materials so that it will not snap easily.

Winner: Neck wallets


Generally, money belts are more expensive than neck wallets. However, if the level of comfort, convenience, and safety can outweigh the cost, therefore it should be worth it.

Neck wallets usually cost from an average of $7 to $17, and below are some of the best neck wallets you should check out on Amazon.

On the other hand, for money belts, the average cost of a money belt is around $12 to $25. You may check some of the best money belts on my previous blog post by clicking here.

Tip: When it comes to comfort, security, and convenience, the cost of the item should be the last thing to consider.

Winner: Neck wallets


What is good about these two items is that they can be discreetly hidden underneath your clothes and trouser.

However, some modern waist wallets can be worn in front of your waist, and they act as an add-on on your fashion style. The same goes for modern neck wallets.

Well, if you are one of these fashion fanatics; therefore, you may be calling the attention of pickpockets since you are giving them the idea of the things inside your pouch or wallets dangling obviously on your neck and waist.

Otherwise, if it is well-concealed, then there will be no problem.

As mentioned earlier that neck wallets can be stolen easily by cutting its strap, hence, you may try doing this technique wherein, first, you hang the strap on your neck then down to any sides of your arm. In this way, snatchers may find it hard to steal it from you.

While for money belts, one of the strengths listed above is that it may be hard to steal and damage.

Why? Since it has no straps that can be cut, you can hold and feel the belt without being obvious since it feels as if you are just touching your waist, especially if you are using the running belts.

Winner: Money belts

As a summary, here is a quick table to show the best for each criterion. In this way, you can now finally decide on your own, which is better between these two.

Neck wallet vs. Money beltWin in Category
Money belts Comfort
Neck wallets Convenience
Neck wallets Price
Money belts Safety

The Verdict

If you are looking for something that is budget-friendly, therefore, neck wallets are perfect for you. While these neck wallets offer better convenience, the money belts are much better safe to use.

Aside from this, you must consider the comfort it can provide. Do you prefer something that is a strap around your waist or on your neck without being strained for prolonged time use?

Well, I think money belts get the upper hand when it comes to comfort. However, it is also important to know that there are other ways to carry your valuables aside from these two pouches.

Recommended Neck Wallets

Lewis N. Clark Neck Wallet

Lewis N. Clark Neck Wallet

This neck wallet from Venture is made from strong and durable materials and has special linings to block any RFID scans. It also comes with durable and self-repairing zippers.

Moreover, with its specialized fabric, it can wick away moisture and odor that keeps you comfortable all day long. Here are some of its pros and cons.


  • It is lightweight and slim
  • Made from water-resistant materials
  • It is durable
  • Comes with the RFID blocking scan


  • Price

HERO Neck Wallet

HERO Neck Wallet

What is so good about this neck wallet is that it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Therefore, if anything goes wrong with your neck wallet, you will be assured of a completely free replacement. Just like the previous one, this neck wallet is made from very strong and durable materials.


  • Comes with a protective RFID lining
  • It has a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Has a smooth accessibility


  • Some users complain about it as heavy because of the type of materials used

KEAFOLS Travel Neck Wallet

KEAFOLS Travel Neck Wallet

This neck wallet is so sleek, which is a great choice for women. It comes with RFID blocking technology, which helps in securing your items from any form of electronic theft.

Aside from being a neck wallet, it can also be attached to your belt (thanks to its specialized built-in belt loops).

Just like any other neck wallets mentioned here, this wallet is made from durable and water-resistant materials. It also comes with a one-year money-back guarantee.


  • Comes with multiple compartmentsIt is durable and water-resistant
  • Made from high-quality zippers
  • Comes with RFID blocking technology


  • Limited color options

Recommended Money Belts

Peak Gear Travel Money Belt

Peak Gear Travel Money Belt

If you are looking for a discreet and comfortable money belt that can be worn for an extended period, this money belt from Peak Gere is the perfect choice for you.

This money pouch comes in a variety of colors and is made from water-resistant nylon with high-quality YKK zippers. What is good about this belt is its back panel made with breathable material, which is perfect for dry and humid days.

Therefore, you will not feel uncomfortable (because of sweat) wearing this throughout the day. Moreover, this travel belt is securely fitted to your waist because of the double release safety buckles attached to the adjustable strap.

This money belt comes with two major compartments with multiple pockets so that you can store most of your valuables such as passports, cards, keys, smartphones, and cash all in one without looking bulky. It also has an RFID blocking protection built into the fabric for extra security.

With its amazing feature and affordable price, Peak Gear Travel Money Belt is surely a must-have.  A total bomb, indeed!

Boxiki Travel Money Belt

Boxiki Travel Money Belt

Quality comes first with this money belt from Boxiki that offers a great way to bring your valuables around without being noticed. Moreover, it comes with well-designed internal pockets for organizing things easily.

Made from lightweight nylon ripstop and water-resistant fabrics, Boxiki Travel Money Belt is known for its durability, superior strength, and heavy-duty feature that can resist wear and tear and can last long.

It is also breathable making it a perfect travel belt during hot and super dry weather. Fear not for those women with bulging waist, its elastic belt can extend up to a 41-inch waist, perfect for women that lack the VS Angels-kind of body figure.

Just like the previous one from Peak Gear, this money pouch comes with two compartments and some different pockets perfect for storing and organizing your cards, cash, and other things. It also has the RFID blocking protection feature so that your personal information is safe and secured.

Alternative ways of protecting belongings during travel

Indeed, money belts and neck wallets are great ways of carrying your valuables around while you travel.

However, if you still feel not secured for relying on any of these two methods, you may want to consider these alternative tips, which you can use in conjunction or solely apply on your next trip.

Don’t take more than you need

When preparing and packing for your trip, make sure you just bring stuff and some cash you just need because there is no need to travel wearing your most expensive jewelry, your latest gadgets that you will not use during the trip, and bringing all of the credit cards you own.

Since ATMs are readily available in most countries; therefore, there is no need to bring much money on your travel.

Another thing, when you go outside to explore the place, just bring enough money and one credit card, and then the rest left it on your locked up room.

Do not pack your valuables in one place

As the famous saying, “Do not place all your eggs in one basket” since once the basket is stolen, you will lose everything.

This also applies when you travel, for example, you packed and placed your gadgets, travel money, cardholder, passport, and keys in a backpack, and unfortunately, if that backpack was stolen from you; therefore, you have lost all your important stuff.

Even though it requires time and effort, it is advisable to divide your valuables to different locations.

For instance, you place your phone in your deep pockets, some fast cash in your money belt, and the rest on your backpack.

I usually place my passport in the secret pocket of my backpack and some cash on my deep pocket so that if I need to pay something fast, there is no need to open wide my bag and grab some cash. Instead, I will just pull out something in my pocket.

In that case, if someone picks on your pocket, he/she just steals a part of your travel money.

Keep it low-key

If you are traveling abroad, one of the best advice is that you do not let yourself be an easy target. So, here are some tips on how to get out of sight of pickpockets:

  • Place your backpack in front, especially when walking or riding on a public transportation
  • Do not flash your belongings on the public eye
  • Make sure not to leave your valuables unattended
  • Do not use a shoulder bag or anything that can be easily grabbed
  • Use a dummy wallet wherein it contains a little cash and some of your expired IDs

Consider wearing clothes with large-zip pockets

To put it simply, wear your jackets or sweater with interior pockets. In this way, you can keep your valuables close enough to your body, just like a money belt or a neck wallet.

What is so good about this tip is that once they wanted to steal anything from you, they need to reach first for your jacket and then unzip the pocket, which can be noticeable during those times.

Tip: Make sure to place cash, cards, or even your smartphone on the deepest area of your pocket so that you can feel it right away if someone tries to pick your pocket.

Use drawstring bags

With their popularity nowadays, drawstring bags are a great alternative in carrying your belongings. Here is the reason why:

Drawstring bags can be securely closed if you pulled both ends of the strings tightly. It is also difficult to open without being obvious because it is connected with the strap.

Once you open the bag, the strap will shorten, and you will feel it immediately right away. Just your common sense on how to arrange your things inside the bag.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Place your valuables at the bottom area of the bag such as your wallet, your smartphone, and your passport
  • Wrap them in a towel or something that can cover them
  • Place something bulky at the top such as clothes

If someone has successfully opened your bag, he/she will pick up your clothes first, and before he/she can go further than that, at that time, you should notice the intrusion inside your bag.

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