How To Pack Makeup In Checked Luggage

Aside from deciding which clothes to pack for your most-awaited dream vacation, so that you can have the perfect #OOTDs for your everyday look.

However, packing also your holy grail makeups to give you that glam look so that you are picture-perfect in every photo you share on your social media accounts can be tricky. Hence, here is a simple tip on how to pack your makeup on your checked luggage.

When packing makeup on your checked luggage, it is better if you place all liquids or powdered makeups in a plastic bag. To keep them secure and leak-free, double–sealing the caps of your bottle is highly advisable. Lastly, store your makeup inside a sock to keep them well-equipped while you travel.

 However, this is just to clarify that you can bring more than a bottle when packing makeup in checked luggage.

That is why there is no need to worry much about the TSA’s regulations; all you just need to worry about is the fee for checked baggage. LOL!

Still, you have all the freedom to pack how much bronzer you want as long it will fit your suitcase. Therefore, here is a simple guide on how to pack makeup in your checked luggage in the most convenient and mess-free way.

Guide On How To Properly Pack Makeup In Checked Luggage

We all know that once we checked our luggage, they will not be in our own care since there is someone who will deal with the checked luggage. That is why you need to secure and put some extra cushion on your makeup once you have decided to put them in checked baggage.

Here is a simple guide to secure your makeup:

Organize your products

First things first, you need to organize what to bring and what to be left out.

Once you have finalized the things you will bring, the next step is to sort them out into two groups the fragile group, which includes compact powders, and the leaky group that includes your moisturizer and liquid foundation.

Keep items that are alike

This means that you do not mix your makeup with hygiene kits such as toothbrush and mouthwash or your facial moisturizer with your shampoo.

Hand-carry items that are essential

Take makeup items that you regularly use on your carry-on bag, such as mascara, your favorite lippies, concealer, and then you put those items in a resealable bag.

In this way, you can have easy access to your essential so that if ever you want to freshen up before you get off the plane.

Liquids must be placed in a plastic bag

This is just to secure that if ever they happen to burst (hopefully, not), it will not mess up with your clothes.

Since powder and liquid makeups can be hard to clean up if something happens. Therefore, you must be prepared for unfortunate events like this.

Secure compacts with powders

Compact powder, such as eyeshadow or blush, must be secured by wrapping them with a sponge or cloth since they are easily crushed when added with pressure.

Another tip when packing compact powder is that you should not place them at the bottom of your bag so that it will not carry the weight of your baggage.

Double-seal your bottle caps

Usually, liquid foundations are contained on a bottle; therefore, to ensure that they will not leak, it is advisable if you wrap with plastic focusing on the cap area before you pack it up.

Tip: You can cover the cap area or pop opening of the bottle with duct tape to ensure that it will not leak

Cover fragile bottles with a sock or cloth

Any items that have the tendency to break or smash, you can use your socks or wrapped them in a towel to give them extra cushion and padding.

Tip: You can also store fragile bottles inside your sneakers if you are planning to bring a pair of sneakers

Invest in a good makeup case

Make sure your makeup case has enough padding and protection so that the contents inside will not break or leak.

Another thing to look for is that it can keep your essentials in one place and will not float anywhere in your luggage. One very good makeup case that is best suited when traveling is the Relavel Travel Makeup Case.

Relavel Travel Makeup Case

Just follow this simple guide in packing makeup on your checked luggage so that you do not have to worry for them once you are onboard.

Hence, to know the basics when it comes to TSA’s regulation on makeups, you can learn more about this below.

Makeup TSA Rules

For most travelers, makeup is as essential as traveling chargers and batteries, since you do not want to look dull and haggard while on vacation; therefore, you just need to bring it along. Well, just a summary of what TSA rules saying about bringing makeup on your baggage is that:

Solid or powder form make up is allowed to pack in your carry on and checked luggage with no size or quantity restrictions.

On the other hand, makeup in the form of liquid, paste, gel, or creams must follow the TSA 3-1-1 liquid rule, and this is applicable for carry-on baggage only.

Moreover, one liquid bag is allowed per passenger; therefore, you can pack up as many travel-sized liquids as long as it fits in the bag.

As for checked baggage, there is no such limitation or restriction when packing makeup in liquid form. That is why the guide we listed above comes in handy when packing makeup in checked baggage.

Therefore, here is a table that shows the list of makeup essentials that can be packed according to TSA rules when it comes to miscellaneous items that include makeup:

ConcealerYes; however, it must be less than 3.4 ounces or 100 mL is allowed  Yes
Eyeliners (liquid)Yes; however, it must be less than 3.4 ounces or 100 mL is allowed  Yes
FoundationYes; however, it must be less than 3.4 ounces or 100 mL is allowed  Yes
Makeup RemoverYes; however, it must be less than 3.4 ounces or 100 mL is allowed  Yes
Makeup WipesYesYes
MascaraYes; however, it must be less than 3.4 ounces or 100 mL is allowed  Yes
Powder MakeupYesYes
Solid MakeupYesYes

A while ago, I shared with you the ultimate guide on how to pack makeup on checked luggage.

I think it is also important to know some tips on how to pack makeup on carry-on bags as this can help you pass the strict TSA security checkpoints, especially with the TSA 3-1-1 rule.

Tips When Packing Makeup On Your Carry-On Bag:

  • Invest in travel-sized containers, if most of your makeup essentials are in liquid or semi-liquid preparation. A great travel bag with travel bottles for liquids that are approved by the TSA is the GLOBEGEAR Travel Kit.


  • Once you have filled the bottles, you may pack them in separate cases, or you can put them directly in a clear zip-lock bag. This is because you will need to remove them once you get in the security checkpoint. In this way, you can save time, and it is less hassle.

Try to remove excess air out of your bottle since you know the feeling of how your ears pop when you are flying high in the sky.

Actually, air pressures, when trapped on sealed bottles, can wreak havoc, which can explode when the bottle can no longer hold the pressure.

Therefore, to avoid this from happening, before you pack them, you need to gently squeeze the bottle to remove excess air out of the bottle and then seal them tightly.

Can You Bring Powder Makeup On A Plane

makeup in carryon

You might be worrying that you cannot bring your powder makeup on the plane for important touch-ups and freshening up before landing.

Well, you do not need to worry, since based on the table above that was also based on the TSA rules for miscellaneous items, it is allowed to bring powder makeup both on carry-on bags and checked luggage.

Aside from powder makeup, you can see below is the list of other powder materials that can be brought on the plane.

  • Baby powder
  • Medicated powder
  • Protein or energy powder
  • Detergent powder
  • Solid makeup

Hence, here is the policy on powder according to TSA rules:

Powder-based substances in carry-on baggage that are greater than 12 ounces or 350 mL need to undergo additional screening at the security checkpoints.

For powder that is more than 12 ounces or 350 mL in carry-on bags and cannot be resolved at the checkpoint is not allowed to bring inside the plane, and it will be discarded.

Therefore, for the convenience of the passenger, it is advisable to place powders in your checked luggage.

Can You Bring Eyeshadow Palettes On A Plane

Definitely, you can bring your eyeshadow palette on the plane since it has no difference with the powder makeup you use.

The TSA has the same rule that applies to eyeshadow, just like any other powder listed above.

So, you can bring along your eyeshadow palette without even worrying to the eyes of the TSA officials at the security checkpoints.

Since eyeshadow palettes are fragile and can be easily crushed when subjected to pressure, it is important to know how to secure your eyeshadow palette so that you will not end up starting your vacation trip with a broken one.

Hence, here are some helpful tips you can look into when packing your eyeshadow or any other powdered makeup.

Pack powders with care

To avoid breaking your palette, you can place a cotton ball, makeup sponge, or layers of tissue that will serve as a buff in between the mirror and the makeup.

This will also provide a cushion that is enough to absorb shock and can keep everything secure and compact.

However, if the palette breaks, do not freak out like it’s the end of the world, you can still keep them contact by dropping rubbing alcohol into the broken pieces and then you gently press the pieces back together.

Let it dry for a couple of hours, and you will be amazed how it turned back to its normal condition again.

Extra palette protection

If you are really OC about ways on how to keep your eyeshadow palette secured, then you can try this #hack101 by individually wrapping any powdered makeup with bubble wrap and then securing it rubber bands before you put them inside your makeup bag.

Secure loose powders

Loose powders tend to become messy when not stored correctly in your suitcase. That is why you need to secure them properly so that they won’t cause any mess.

Therefore, to prevent the powder from leaking from its sifter container, you can apply some tape all over the sifter to keep every particle inside the jar.

Pack your makeup, especially the fragile ones at the center of your suitcase

By placing your makeup bag at the center of your suitcase, you allow your clothes to serve as a shock absorber for your make up since while onboard, you will experience some turbulence that can build up pressure and can cause breakage to your makeup palettes.

For super extra protection, you can wrap the whole makeup bag with a towel or sweater first, and then you place the wrapped makeup bag at the center of your luggage.

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Liquids In Checked Baggage

According to the TSA rules for liquid in checked baggage, you can place containers that are larger than 3.4 ounces or 100 mL regardless of the amount inside.

However, you must check first if the liquid you will bring is allowed or prohibited at the security checkpoints. Hence, you can visit the TSA website to see the lists of liquids that are allowed to bring on your checked baggage.

But as a rule of thumb, as long as the liquid is not flammable and for alcohol as long as it is not greater than 140 proof, you can actually pack any liquid on your checked luggage.

Hence, there are several things to consider when packing liquids on your checked luggage.

  1. Make sure that the liquid items you will bring are allowed to your destination. For instance, you brought your favorite wine and passed the TSA security checkpoint. You would also like to consider whether your destination allows you to bring the since there are certain states in the United States where there is a strict regulation for liquor import, such as in Canada, where the quantity must not exceed five liters per person for alcoholic beverages.
  2. Think carefully before you pack colored beverages such a red wine or a red nail polish since bringing colored liquids can be a bit risky and can ruin your clothes if ever, they broke inside your luggage. Hence, you can do some research whether on your destination you can purchase them locally instead of risking packing those liquids on your suitcase.
  3. You must be very careful when packing liquids since they either break or leak. However, there are several ways on how to pack them carefully. Here are some helpful tips I’ve got for you:

Ultimate Guide On How To Pack Liquids On Your Suitcase

To prevent leaks from your bottle container, the most common thing to do is to wrap the cap of your bottle with duct tape.

Secure it carefully so that the cap stays intact on the bottle.

Then you place the container on a zipper-top plastic bag, and then you sealed it tightly.

Then secure that bag by putting it into a larger zipper-top plastic bag, and then you sealed it tightly.

Make sure you remove the air by pressing it out from the plastic bag. If the container is fragile, secure the whole with bubble wrap before you do the final wrapping with a towel or sweater.

Place the wrapped item in the middle of your suitcase, surrounded with soft items and some clothing that will serve as a shock absorber from all the stress and pressure.

Alternative: Another way to protect your liquid item is to use some small cardboard boxes. You will also do the same double wrapping, as described in the procedure above.

Then you will pad the container with some crushed newspapers, or you can use some crumpled grocery bags, and then you apply some tape on the box so that it will stay in its place before you place it in the center of your suitcase.

Note: You should be aware that your luggage could be dropped perhaps more than once since you cannot monitor your checked baggage while onboard.

Therefore, you must also consider investing in a good suitcase with the ones with the stiffest sides so that just in case you bring along some liquid items, and you do not need to worry about issues of leaking or breaking.

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