How To Look Fresh After a Long Flight

Flying for twelve hours or more can surely do a lot on your skin and to your overall appearance. The cold air blowing from above your head down to your face can leave your skin and your lips dry as a bone. The same tee and pants you’ve been wearing for several hours might give off an awful smell.

Therefore, you might be wondering how could you possibly maintain or keep your smell good after a long and tiring flight. Here’s the simplest way you can actually achieve it:

Three simple steps can help you maintain and smell fresh after a long flight. The first thing you should do is to wear athletic clothes, as these can absorb sweat and moisture from your body. Next is to avoid strong perfumes. And lastly, do some personal hygiene like washing hands when possible.

Let’s be honest that most of us cannot fall asleep well on long-haul flights, aside from having a dry and crack lips and an awful smell that gives off by our clothes, we may look groggy and messy after the trip. Therefore, traveling for long hours can be a low-key nightmare for some.

Hence, because I don’t want you to experience this kind of thing, well, I am sharing my simple guides and tips that can help you freshen up and keep you clean before, during, and after a long flight. Let me be your #travelbuddy for this day!

Note: These tips are also applicable for local flights or short-range destinations.

Before the flight

1. Try to book on a Business/First Class

If you have the means to do so, DO IT! There is no doubt that when you fly on a business/first-class seat, it will give you a more comfortable and better ride experience. Unless you have enough funds to pay for a first-class seat as I said a while ago, DO IT.

However, there are other ways to have a first-class ticket without spending much money. Here’s my tip #1 for you: Join a program where you can earn airline miles or flyer points.

Try to use these hard-earned points to upgrade your Economy Class to Business or First-Class where seats there are larger and comfortable for catching some zzz’s.

2. Pick the best seat for your needs

Indeed, the view near the window seat is breathtaking! However, would it be worth the risk of being trapped next to a sleeping passenger? Therefore, if you are not comfortable with this set-up, try to pay an additional fee to relocate your seat that suits your needs, I am sure this will be worth it!

Moreover, if you need easy access to get out and go to the restroom, the aisle seat is the best for you, however, if the passenger on the window seat needs a frequent bathroom break too, you will still be bothered by clambering over you just to get out. I think most of us find that thing annoying.

Therefore, what you need to do is to check this helpful site, so that it can help you make an informed choice whether you will take that seat or not. In addition to this, the website consists of some reliable customer reviews of the previous passengers, which can help you decide for your chosen seat.

3. Get enough rest and sleep

If you are having a hard time catching some sleep on the plane (as I do), try to get as much as sleep as possible before your flight. This can help you cope up with the situation.

Alternative: Some people prefer to exhaust themselves before the flight because this can help them sleep well during the long-hour flight. I know this is a terrible idea, but for some people, it works!

During the flight

1. Don’t forget to bring blankets and pillows

Usually, the Economy cabin always runs out of blankets and pillows, so if you can board as early as possible, DO IT, and never forget to grab yours. Otherwise, you can just bring your own blanket and pillow, especially if you are an OC-type of a person like me.

Hence, if you wish to bring your own blanket and pillow, you can just buy through Amazon. Here are some of the top-rated brands of travel blankets and pillows suited for your needs:

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2. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Some airlines still offer a glass of pre-departure champagne or wine (for Business/First Class), while free beer (for Economy class).

I know it is hard to decline drinks, but try to avoid drinking beverages with alcohol content while onboard, as these can make you dehydrated, and that’s the last thing we do not want to happen.

Therefore, to keep you feeling fresh, you must stick to drinking water, natural fruit juices, and if there’s an electrolyte drink onboard, that will do.

3. Wash your hands and face regularly

Washing your hands regularly before you eat or after you use the bathroom is a basic human instinct. This can help you get rid of microbes that are present everywhere you go.

Otherwise, you can also use hand sanitizer if you don’t have easy access to the restroom. On the other hand, washing your face with water can make your face refresh and clean.

4. Take off your shoes when you are about to sleep

It is better to wear slip-on shoes when you travel so that you can easily remove them whenever you want. This can help freshen your feet and prevent having stinky feet.

However, if you are wearing your limited edition Adidas shoes, take them when you are about to sleep, but remember to be careful when removing your laces as you are not aware that you are already jabbing your neighboring passenger with your broad shoulders. Just kidding!

Furthermore, do not forget to change your socks, as these can keep your feet refresh and clean.

5. Don’t forget to change clothes

Some people prefer to wear workout clothes when traveling as these can help remove moisture from your body, and you will feel comfortable while wearing them.

However, do not forget to change your clothes to your #ootd before landing, as this can make you more fresh and clean.

6. Brush your teeth or keep your mint spray

Do not forget to brush your teeth after you eat. This can freshen up your breath and prevent you from having a bad breath. You can also use a mint spray as an alternative.

7. Bring your deodorant on your carry-on bag

If your deodorant is stick or roll-on, this is better. However, some people prefer the spray-type of deodorant; just remember to limit it to 3oz or less so that it can pass through the TSA security checkpoints. A quick “psst” every other hour can keep you smell good and fresh.

On arrival

1. Take mint spray or mint candies

Before you get off on the plane, make sure to freshen up your breath by spraying your mint spray or taking a mint candy will do.

2. Wash your face again and apply some light make up

You don’t want other people might see you tired after a long flight; therefore, you visit the restroom first, wash your face and apply some makeup. This can help you boost your confidence while you meet some people at the arrival gate.

3. Enjoy your vacation!!!

This is the most important tip you must remember. Take a deep breath and enjoy the days you will be staying at your destination. Take a few minutes to relax and ease your mind before you go through immigration.

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