Which Seats Are Best on Megabus

When it comes to low-cost traveling by land, taking Megabus is a beautiful idea. It allows you to get to point A to point B in North America without having to spend a lot of money on car rent, gas or plane ticket.

What’s so cool about Megabus is that there are lower deck seats as well as upper deck seats. Some seats may also be reserved, which is perfect if you are traveling with a companion, and you want to ensure that the two of you will be seated next to each other.

For the most comfortable travel experience, it is a good idea for you to pick a seat that suits you the most.

So what is the best seat on Megabus? The bests seat to go for are the ones that can be reserved. There are different seats that can be reserved, such as those that are next to the stairs as well as those that have a table. Going for window seats is suited for those who would like to enjoy the view outside.

When choosing a seat on Megabus, the number one priority is the comfort of the passenger. So before boarding Megabus or having a seat reserved, you should ask yourself this very important question: what makes traveling by land a pleasing and enjoyable experience for me?

  • If you are suffering from motion sickness, we recommend getting a seat toward the front of the bus.
  • We suggest opting for a seat right next to the aisle if you tend to have the urge to use the bathroom a lot.
  • If you love sightseeing, it is a wonderful idea to pick an upper deck seat, preferably one that is right next to the window — you may also lean against the window if you would like to catch some shut-eye.

Megabus seat chart

Below is a Megabus seat chart. The colored seats are reserved seats.

Megabus seat chart
Megabus seat chart

As you can see the most expensive seats are front seats on upper deck. They provide the unobstructed front passenger view.

Then the seats next to the front stairs. They have most leg room on upper deck.

A little cheaper are reserved seats around the table on the lower deck.

And finally, seats for additional $2 (orange). In my opinion, they are not worth much. The only reason I would go for them if I am traveling with the family and I want everybody seated next to each other.

Seats marked as sold are reserved for Megabus own purposes. I’ve never seen them on sale.

Now, you can see that I marked 4 seats inside a red rectangle. In my opinion, these are the best general seats on Megabus. They have most leg room, you can use the table. And they are the first that get taken, so if you are not the first in the line, chances to grab are very slim.

Megabus General Seating Versus Reserved

Put simply, general seating refers to seats that are not reserved. This means that anyone who spots an empty seat in the general seating area can take one. General seating is occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Needless to say, you should arrive at the terminal early if you want to pick the best seat in the general seating area.

Some of the reasons why some people prefer Megabus general seating include:

  • It is easier on the pocket than reserved seating
  • A passenger may transfer from one seat to the other trouble-free.

Other than general seating, Megabus also offers reserved seating. Just like what the name says, it refers to seats that can be assigned by the passengers to themselves.

In the case of Megabus, you may have a seat reserved for you online. It is important to note that a general seat may be upgraded to a reserved seat provided that it is done more than 6 hours before the time of departure. Also, it does not come free of charge.

Here are some of the reasons why there are people who opt for reserved seating:

  • It enables them to pick a seat that works for them the most
  • Getting seats reserved helps to ensure that they can sit right next to their companions

However, there are a couple of things you need to know about Megabus reserved seating.

First, not all Megabus seats can be reserved — you can choose only from a few.

Second, reserved seating requires you to shell out additional cash. The good news is that the charge can range anywhere from $1 to less than $10 only.

The Pros and Cons of Getting an Upper Deck Seat

One of the things that set Megabus apart from most other buses is the fact that it has an upper deck. So, in other words, there are lower deck seats as well as upper deck seats available for a passenger like you to choose from.

Before you decide to take an upper deck seat or have one reserved, you need to realize that getting an upper deck seat comes with its set of pros and cons.

Knowing what they are is vital for ensuring that you get to have the most comfortable and pleasant bus trip by choosing the right seat for you.

Here are some of the pros of having an upper deck seat:

  • It is conducive to sleep because it is quieter — the engine can be heard in the lower deck
  • Most especially if the seat is next to the window, a better view of the outside can be enjoyed.
  • Not a lot of people like to use the stairs, so the upper deck tends to be less crowded.

The following are some of the cons of taking a seat in the upper deck:

  • The ceiling of the upper deck is lower than the ceiling of the lower deck
  • You will have to use the stairs when going to the bathroom or getting off the bus.
  • Are you a person with a disability? There’s no facility that will facilitate getting to and fro the upper deck.

Reclining Your Seat: What You Need to Know

It’s not all the time that you will enjoy the view outside or listening to tunes on your smartphone or pocket music player. When boredom strikes and the long-distance travel by bus has already drained most, if not all, of your energy, there is one sensible thing to do: get some sleep.

This is when the reclining feature of Megabus seats can come in very handy. By having your seat reclined, you will find it so much easier to take a trip to dreamland until it is your time to get off the bus.

In order to have your seat reclined, all you have to do is press the black rectangle button just below the armrest. It is sandwiched by the seat belt buckle and the Megabus seat numbers. As you press on that black rectangle button, use your back to push the backrest of your seat until you are happy with the angle.

You can have your seat reclined partially or fully — as a passenger who shelled out some hard-earned cash for the trip, it is your right to have your seat reclined.

However, do take note of the fact that your head will be practically right in the face of the passenger beside you. Would you like for the head of the passenger in front of you to be in your face for as long as he or she is sleeping?

Related Questions

Is it rude to recline your seat on a tour bus?

For most people, reclining the seat on a tour bus is rude. This is why those who do not wish to annoy or frustrate passengers behind them refuse to have their seats reclined.

Is there a pushback facility for last row seats?

No, this facility is not available for Megabus seats situated in the last row.

How can you stop the person in front of you from reclining his or her seat?

You have every right to have your seat reclined on a bus. Similarly, your fellow passengers have the same right — including the one in front of you.

If you are not comfortable or happy with the fact that the person in front of you has his or her seat reclined, you may look for another seat. Of course, this won’t work if every other seat is already taken.

What should you do if the person behind your seat has his leg on your seat, and you can smell his socks?

You may try to have your seat reclined or straightened. This may force the passenger behind you to get his or her leg out of the way. If that does not work, it is completely up to you to choose between putting up with the smell and confronting someone.

What is the proper etiquette when reclining your seat on a bus?

Before you recline your seat, make sure that there is nobody part or object behind you that will get smashed. Reclining your seat will make you feel comfortable, but the same cannot be said for the passenger behind you.

If a fat person takes up 2+ seats, will he/she have to pay for all seats being touched?

Many airline companies require fat passengers to purchase two seats. Unfortunately, Megabus and other public transport companies do not have the same policy when it comes to fat passengers.

Who owns the armrest between two people sitting on a bus?

The person next to the window owns the armrest next to the window, and the person next to the aisle owns the armrest next to the aisle. Armrests in the middle can be owned by anyone, but it is a good idea to give both of them to the passenger in the middle as a small favor.

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