Best Money Belts For Women In 2021

First things first, before we go through the list of the best money belts for women, let us cover the basics.

What is a money belt? This small and flat pouch has enough space to carry most of your valuables, such as cash, smartphone, passport, your favorite lippies, cardholder, and other valuables.

This pouch is then connected to a belt so that you can wear it around your waist. Some pouches are connected with elasticized bands and can fit well around your waist. Hence, you can see below are the best money belts for women.

The most recommended money belts for women who are always on the go for travel is the Peak Gear Money Belt and Boxiki Travel Money Belt. For people who love to work out and jog, the EazyMate Travel Running Belt and Stashbanz Running Belt are the best choices.

Investing in a good-quality money belt is the easiest and inexpensive way of securing your hard-earned cash and your smartphone while you are out for a short walk or during travel.

Aside from the security purpose, it can offer, these money belts help in keeping your money organized, and they are a perfect add-on to your OOTD!

Things to consider when looking for the best money belt

To ensure you have chosen the best money belt that is suited for your needs, make sure you have considered the following things listed below.


Make sure the money belt you will purchase is comfortable to use. Comfort means that it is not too loose or too tight when worn around your waist.

To ensure this feature is a big check on the list, look for pouches that can adapt to different body sizes.

Since most of these money belts come with an adjustable strap that will fit on your waist, consider getting pouches attached with elastics to ensure a good fit.


Whether you need one or multiple compartments depend on your personal choice and what things you will put inside the pouch.

Single compartment pouch will give you quick access to your belongings while multiple compartments will make your things more organized.

In my personal choice, I prefer the single compartment pouch because I think it is spacious enough to store your essential belongings


Another factor to consider when purchasing a money belt is the material on which they are made. Look for money belts that are soft and smooth on your skin and can be worn comfortably throughout the day.

Specifically during summer, where the heat of the sun can make us sweat; therefore, look for pouches that are made from fabrics that are breathable and has a moisture-wicking feature.

In this way, you can keep away the sweat from your body, especially if you have a sensitive skin type, as well as prevent rubbing the pouch to your skin.

Size of the pouch

Assess yourself about the things you will put inside the money belt. Are you the type of person who always carries his/her passport around or just some few cash or cards for unexpected payment?

If this is the case, I recommend buying a money belt big enough to carry all your important belongings at once.

However, keep this in mind that the more things you want to place in the money belt, the bigger and more noticeable the money belt will be.

If you want to carry multiple and different items all at once, consider buying a money belt with multiple compartments so that you can organize your valuables easily and properly.

On the other hand, if you do not want to carry much stuff on your money belt (for example, cardholder, smartphone, passport, keys), the recommended money belts for this situation are those with the elastic waist strap just like the top of your leggings. Consider using this kind of money belt to carry lightweight items only.


Nowadays, some thieves are not only interested in stealing your money, but they are more into your electronic information. Well, no worries, you can get through this by considering getting a money belt with an RFID blocking protection feature.

What is RFID?

RFID or the acronym for “radio-frequency identification” is the same technology that can be found on your driver’s license, key cards, smartphones, and passport that allows you to swipe or tap to pay for items or to identify items.

Though this RFID makes our life easier through fast and easy transactions, it becomes a threat for security reasons by providing an opportunity for thieves to steal our personal information without even knowing by using an RFID reader.

Therefore, if you look for a money-belt with this kind of feature, there are low and minimal chances of stealing, and accessing your personal details because of built-in RFID protection can block the ability of an RFID reader.

You have learned the different factors to consider when purchasing a money belt.

However, make sure to buy a money belt based on your purpose. If you will use such a money pouch for travel purposes only, or you use it while working out and just for a quick run. Whatever reason it is, here is a rundown of the best money belt both for travel and for running.

Best Money Belts For Traveling Women

Peak Gear Travel Money Belt

If you are looking for a discreet and comfortable money belt that can be worn for an extended period, this money belt from Peak Gere is the perfect choice for you.

This money pouch comes in a variety of colors and is made from water-resistant nylon with high-quality YKK zippers. What is good about this belt is its back panel made with breathable material, which is perfect for dry and humid days.

Therefore, you will not feel uncomfortable (because of sweat) wearing this throughout the day. Moreover, this travel belt is securely fitted to your waist because of the double release safety buckles attached to the adjustable strap.

This money belt comes with two major compartments with multiple pockets so that you can store most of your valuables such as passports, cards, keys, smartphones, and cash all in one without looking bulky. It also has an RFID blocking protection built into the fabric for extra security.

With its amazing feature and affordable price, Peak Gear Travel Money Belt is surely a must-have.  A total bomb, indeed!


Boxiki Travel Money Belt

Quality comes first with this money belt from Boxiki that offers a great way to bring your valuables around without being noticed. Moreover, it comes with well-designed internal pockets for organizing things easily.

Made from lightweight nylon ripstop and water-resistant fabrics, Boxiki Travel Money Belt is known for its durability, superior strength, and heavy-duty feature that can resist wear and tear and can last long.

It is also breathable making it a perfect travel belt during hot and super dry weather. Fear not for those women with bulging waist, its elastic belt can extend up to a 41-inch waist, perfect for women that lack the VS Angels-kind of body figure.

Just like the previous one from Peak Gear, this money pouch comes with two compartments and some different pockets perfect for storing and organizing your cards, cash, and other things. It also has the RFID blocking protection feature so that your personal information is safe and secured.


Best Money Belts For Running Women

EazyMate Running Belt

This type of belt is designed specifically for active people who always love to work out, jog, run, and walk.

What is good about this belt is that it is made from a high-quality blend of Spandex Lycra material that is soft and stretches well.

It perfectly fits as well to your waist so that while you move, your valuables are still secured properly.

This super handy belt comes with a single compartment with two zipper pockets for securing cards, some cash, and even your passport. It is spacious enough to hold your phone while you are out for a run.


Stashbanz Running Belt

Just like EazyMate Running Belt, Stashbanz is also made from high-quality Spandex fabric that can wick away moisture, at the same time providing you the support compression fitting you are looking for a belt.

It comes with a choice of five sizes; therefore, you can surely find a great fit for your body.

This belt comes with four pockets, (two at the front and another two at the back) the largest pocket is secured with a zipper, which can hold your smartphone.

For extra security, all four pockets are secured with fold-over flap covers that are perfect wherever places you go.


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